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Wednesday, 31 August 2011Y
raya + study = bingung !


guess what? this is the first time i'm driving skutter till this far.. Going to Bakul to visit NORIRHAN . whoaa, such a long time i did'nt meet her. :) triple hug for her ,..
 we visit ntah , i dunno whatever their name.. coz they was not friend of mine. . But the nicest house i ever visit is MOHD RAHMATbin ASMAT house. He is a friend of mine. Yes, he studied in Melaka. In mozac. huhuuu,. he's so kind hearted :) <3 and he took a pic of us .. and now im waiting for him to upload the photo.. <3

hmmm ,. i want to tell you readers , that im really excited got a reply from him. even not much that we could share.. its enough for me to know that there's no hate or sasak* on me. :) fine. everything gonna be fine. just tripple take care of your heart and not to hurt yourself.. try to form fren-fren bond with everyone. and everything should be fine. 

about study , i am willing to sacrifice anything . not like THATPERSONaldisorderboy ,. just doing what he want todo hunh? and won't force himself ? hahaaa,. success won't come laa kalau gitu .. dia yang dulu semangat untuk berusaha sudaa hilang .. what do i care now and nonetheless before? ahahaaa..  by the way ,. i wonder if la kann ,. elective subject tu can be good to me.. :) jgn la jaat sgt sampai takleh jwb .. penat doe :( tired. but its okay .. i will fight .. BASYA !

okok ,. stop being so emotional .. :) MLM NEYY ,. HAFAL SEMUA CHEMISTRY ,. ESOK ADA EXAM .. FULLY EXAM BUATAN SENDIRI ! REMEMBER THAT !!!!! target >> 60 percent ! TEACHER MALNIZAH, i would prove that i can do it. jgn memperkecilkan saya sj ! ^^

mulai saat  ini saya berikrar akan  :
>menumpukan sepenuh perhatian pada pembelajaran.
>menempuhi segala cabaran tanpa mengeluh
>memperbaiki segala kelemahan diri
>berpegang teguh pada tali Allah
>dan sentiasa berusaha untuk membuktikan kebolehan diri sebenar

heart blue w/ glitter 07:15

Monday, 29 August 2011Y

tomorrw is EID DAY. but it seems so pale .. i don't have any excited feeling just what i felt before. to direct to the point , i hate this EID ! i gonna miss RAMADHAN. and all that what i've done together with my friend in school. but , its not the main reason i manage to lock myself in my room,.

i wonder for a very precious moment to celebrate RAYA with family before reached my hometown. yes! every single student of SMSL wondering for the same thing. Unluckily, i am the one that need to stop daydreaming. 

EID DAY,. normally people will being so busy with their preparation. yes,. my family does it. but they are busy of doing their own matter. and forget their child@daughter ,. they having a big depression to finish their own work and lies it on me. they just stress it out by fighting and never ever care of my feeling. never ever care tonight is the night for happiness ,.

its okay then .. i think it's already calmer outside. i better go outside . maybe its ain't that late for some enjoyment.. :) BEFORE THAT .,..

happy celebrating eid day
may all of our dream and wish comes true
minal aidil walfa idzin
maaf zahir dan batin, buat sahabat atau saudara, atau jiran tetangga yang 
terdekat, anda dijemput untuk datang ke rumah pada bila2 masa sahaja
ucapan ikhalas daripada ALIZA,SUAMI DAN ANAK2 ^^

heart blue w/ glitter 07:51